Blast Test:

January 2015: 100 Kilo Blast Test - Spadeadam Testing England:

Further to Fortress GRP's full ballistic FB2-FB7 certification the next step was to succesfully take, and pass a fully loaded 100 Kilo blast test at only 15 mtrs distance. At only 15mtrs this test also replacates the pressures associated with a 500 kilo blast test at 29mtrs. On January 8th 2015 Fortress GRP became the very first GRP company in the world to have succesfully passed such a hign intensity blast at such a close range. In fact no other GRP company in the world had even entered into such a blast test let alone fully succeed on their first full attempt.

 GRP Guard house GRP Guard House

Before & After Detonation: The left hand picture is prior to detonation whilst in the second picture, above right, shows the guard house after detonation had occured. It can be seen that the window facing the blast, although shattered as it is designed to do, remained fully intact thus saving the lives of anyone standing within the building at the time of the blast. Additionally the GRP door itself remained intact & secure proving the very first succesful test of a GRP guardhouse in the world.

As can be seen from the photos & independent video, after detonation of the 100 kilo high explosive device all of the walls, roof, windows & doors remained intact with the building with absolutely no detrimentasl effect to the structure of the building, or to anyone who would had been situated inside. With a 'back plate' to test internal pressures also remaining fully intact the test proved without doubt that Fortress GRP are the first, and only GRP manufacturer in the world to achieve such a high level of blast & ballistic resistance without any failure whatsoever. 

100 Kilo & 15 mtrs Blast Test: With an invited audience of over 30 dignitaries from all over the world which not only included representatives from the US Department of Defence, CPNI, Oil & Gas Industries as well as homeland security of many countries, plus industry specialists from every walk of the worlds security network. 

Fortress GRP Video link:

Fortress GRP tested two styles of GRP Buildings in the form of a 'Heavy Duty' fully loaded Guardhouse that was manufactured complete with a LPCB Security Rating against physical attack, a fully certified Ballistic Rating of BS EN 1522/23 FB7 (7.62 x 51mm FJ/AP) plus an extra over external blast shield polymer designed especially for external coatings. The second unit on test had the very same structural components over & above a standard GRP Housing but with no extra 'addatives' for ballistic ratings.

With a succesful test completed on both units Fortress GRP are pleased to confirm that its products are able to pass such a stringent & 'close in' blast test both with additional ballistic protection and without. 

Benefits: GRP versus steel:   When compairing GRP (Glassfibre) Guardhouses to those of either steel or conventional building (concrete) the benefits of GRP are impressive. Steel is both really expensive& extremely heavy whilst concrete, although cheaper than steel can is environmentally unfriendly and has limited use for blast & ballistic installations. 

One of the benefits of our Glassfibre guardhouse, accommodation blocks, classrooms & checkpoints is the fact that all of our products include a fully patented ballistic resistant material will accept well over 500 armour piercing rounds into the very same location/hole with not one bullet gaining access to the inside of the building. This is an advantage that neither steel or concrete can achieve as they are not, as in GRP, a 'self-healing' product in such attacks. 


Blast & Ballistic Gaurdhouse Blast & Ballistic Guardhouse Blast & Ballistic Guardhouse

After the effect of a ballistic attack all other forms of protection need to be removed or rebuilt whereas the external finish of a GRP cabin can easily be repaired upon site without the need of removal. Others advantages include lower initial purchase costs, flat-pack options, external finishes matching local brics or stone, naturally insulating and a life span of in excess of 30 years plus.

Test results: The test itself also included a number of other products all placed in a circle at a 15 mtr distance around the 100 Kilo device. Within these products were also a standard 40' steel shipping container which unfortunately did not fare so well. As can be seen from the photos below the container reacted badly to the test and resulted in the blast waves totally disfiguring the container walls with small holes appearing in them. This was further enforced as the walls of both GRP housings were totally intact with the blast waves causing no external damage whatsoever.

Steel guard house/container

For more information on Fortress GRP's Blast & Ballistic range of Guardhouses, Accommodation Blocks or LPCB Security Products please contact Kevin Down at or telephone 01837 83154 or mobile 07721 621846.