FB2 - FB7 Ballistic Protection

The AK47 is often the weapon of choice in hostile environments. However, it is important to mitigate the threat from all types of commonly used weapons, from handguns through to rifles and also automatic weapons. With this in mind Fortress GRP Ltd have developed and passed independent testing to achieve full ballistic approval to BS EN 1522/23 for levels FB2 (9mm hand gun) right through to FB7 (AK47 Armour Pierceing rounds), plus further independent testing for increased protection against the level .50 Cal Ball, .50 Cal NATO & .50 Cal


        Blast & Ballistic Rated GRP Guardhouse - Middle East - Fortress GRP Ltd
In designing your project & to give optimum protection, we firstly require the level of ballistic protection your guardhouse or accomodation block requires. Please see the table below depicting both the weapon, and calibre of each of the FB2-FB7 rating.
 A unique factor of all Fortress GRP's buildings are that along with ballistic certification to FB& & above, the wall of each unit possess a fully worldwide patented designed 'self healing' ballistic material. When using steel or other lesser rated products as ballistic materials, a skilled marksman can place a second bullet within the exact same location as their first shot. What this means with steel or other forms of GRP, is that the second bullet will forge a hole straight through the material thereby giving the sniper full access to the inside of the building and, along with it, access to those persons contained within.
With the Fortress GRP's 'self healing ballistic walling system' the system itself has been tested to accept up to 500 rounds of 7.62x51mm FMJ/AP in the same location with not one single bullet gaining access through the wall. No other product in the world offers this same protection to your staff, VIP's or commercial property.
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