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Fortress GRP Ltd Offer Certified Products Include:

Blast proof GRP Products

LPCB Asset Protection

Ballistic Protection to FB7/NIJ4+

Blast Proof
GRP Products
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Ballistic Proof Guard Houses, Accommodation Blocks & Control Rooms: A Fortress GRP bullet resistant enclosures & walls protects the occupants & equipment contained within (security officers, check point personnel, data equipment etc.). According to the usage and perceived threat level, Fortress GRP's enclosures offer protection against weapons ranging from 9mm handguns & shotguns to fully automatic assault weapons using armour piercing bullets.

Ballistic Proof Guard Houses

All of our bullet resistant enclosures have been independently certified to meet such threat levels from BS EN 1522/23 FB2-FB7, NIJ4 & Stanag 3 equivalent plus further successful testing to resist .50Cal Nato, .50Cal Balls & the ultimate .50Cal SLAP rounds. Each enclosure can also be delivered to withstand high explosive blasts up to 100 kilo's @ only 15 mtrs distance.

Our bullet resistant enclosures & walls can be installed as a standalone unit or added to existing structures to offer the latest in blast & ballistic ratings. Additional protection options include increased protection to the roof of an enclosures or existing structure in order to give added protection against RPG's and 'thrown' explosives.

Within the enclosures themselves there are multiple fitting out options that may include air conditioning, lighting, heating as well as full electrical wiring for switches & sockets etc. We can also fit out generator sets, toilet/washroom facilities with all doors/glazing options also included. All LPCB certified products are manufactured by our sister company Kingsley Plastics Ltd.

The list of options do not end there as there are multiple external features that can be added as standard and include a simulated brick & stone finish so as to seamlessly blend into the local surroundings in order to not attract unwanted attention, or can be any colour within the rainbow to an anti-vandal finish. 

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